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Interactive Mayan Calendar for March 2015

To find the core meaning of the Mayan day sign for each day in March 2015, visit the site below and click on a date. Interactive Monthly Mayan Calendar March 2015

The New Haab and New Year Bearer of 2015

The haab, or 365-day solar calendar of the Maya, begins anew on March 6, 2015, according to the Gran Wayeb system used by some Maya in Guatemala today. This means that tomorrow, March 1 commences the five-day wayeb, days for contemplation rather than action. The new Year Bearer will be 3 Snake. 2015 is the […]

The interactive Mayan Calendar for February 2015 is

now online. Click on the link below to see the Mayan Calendar’s  nahual and day sign of the day for May 2014. Mayan Calendar Astrology and Nahuales February 2015 Click on any date/glyph to find the meaning of every day in February according to the Tzolkin, the 260-day Sacred Calendar of ancient Mesoamerica that is still […]

New! Interactive Monthly Mayan Calendar

Daily Mayan day sign meanings are useful, but how do you plan activities and events for next Tuesday or the rest of the month? With the new interactive Mayan monthly calendar. Click of the glyph of the date you have in mind to see the core meaning of the nahual and its coefficient. If it […]

1 Crocodile (Imox/Imix): First Day of the Tzolkin

July 15 2012: Today is 1 Imox, which scholars such as Vincent Malstrom have determined is the true first day of the 260-day tzolkin – the day the Sacred Calendar was first set into motion. Many other Mayan calendars, such as the 1,040-year Ukajlay Katunob’, begin on 1 Crocodile and end on 13 Sun, which […]