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The New Year Bearer, 3 Snake

According to the Gran Wayeb system of certain Guatemalan Maya, the first day of the 365-day haab calendar of the current year was March 6, when 3 Snake became the Year Bearer. Snake ushers in a year of truth, justice and direct action. Look for sudden and unexpected moves on the international scene. Power struggles […]

The Trecena for September 18-October 1 is 1 Death (Kame/Cimi)

Death’s key meaning is transformation and change. Be prepared for these to affect your relationships. It is also an effective trecena for you to make such changes, which can be to find ways to improve a relationship, to take those steps, or even to end it completely. The nahual of Death is associated with the […]

The Trecena of Jaguar (Ix): July 28–August 9, 2012

Jaguar as Trecena Ruler The key meaning of Jaguar is feminine strength. Feelings and relationships are best dealt with by using the powerful inner strength of the woman, so intuition rather than logic is the way to go.

The Trecena of Seed (Q’anil/Lamat): July 2-14

Our current trecena, Seed, lasts from July 2 through the14th. The trecena ruler affects emotions, relationships and intuition. This is because the trecena is based on a sub-cycle of the lunar cycle: after the new moon, 13 days pass from the appearance of the moon to the full moon. The trecena of 1 Seed, also […]