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The New Year Bearer, 3 Snake

According to the Gran Wayeb system of certain Guatemalan Maya, the first day of the 365-day haab calendar of the current year was March 6, when 3 Snake became the Year Bearer. Snake ushers in a year of truth, justice and direct action. Look for sudden and unexpected moves on the international scene. Power struggles […]

The Trecena of Night

Yesterday, March 4, was 1 Night in the Mayan Sacred Calendar, so Night is the new trecena ruler through March 16. The core meaning of Night, called Akabal in Ki’che’ and other Guatemalan languages, is to venture into the darkness to seek answers and return to share them with others. The small door in the […]

The Trecena of 1 Monkey (B’atz) Begins Today

As trecena ruler, 1 Monkey adds a note of creativity and fun to the interpretation of the nahuales of the next twelve days. B’atz also has a spiritual meaning, thread, which tells us to search for the thread connecting our past with the present and the future. It tells us that everything in the multiverse […]

The Trecena of Corn (Aj/Ben) Starts Today

Through February 19, Corn is the ruler of the 13-day trecena. The trecena ruler influences the meaning of the Lord of the Day for each of these days, so each day’s nahual should be considered in light of the meaning of Corn. The nahual Corn means the eternal sprouting of life, rising energy, success and […]

The Trecena of Deer (Manik)

The trecena of Deer began January 12 and lasts through the 23rd. Deer brings balance and support to the energy of the nahual of the day (which today I 3 Water). It also hints that teamwork will be more successful than working alone during this trecena. Deer is a strong masculine nahual. That gives a […]

Comet Encke´s close approach to the Sun on 1 Eagle, the Trecena Ruler

takes place today, on 1 Eagle (Tzi´kin). 1 Eagle became the new Year Bearer on March 6, 2013, and today is its first reoccurence. Each day sign (number + nahual) occurs 73 times during the Calendar Round of 18,980 days, indicating the completion of a sub-cycle within the 52-year Calendar Round. More Mayan Astrology. The […]

The Trecena of Monkey (B’atz/Chuen) begins this Friday

1 Monkey initiates 13 days of celebrating life, love and creativity. Monkey is the party animal of the nahuales, and also represents music, dance, literature and other creative arts. The trecena ruler influences your emotional life, so keep things light and don’t get too serious. Entertain your lover and friends, and they may do the […]

13 Knife, today, is the last day in the trecena of Death.

It is a powerful time to make changes or even cut someone out of your life. But think things through to their conclusion, because the coefficient 13 can bring bad as well as good. If you have already made changes in your life during this trecena, they may begin to take effect today.

1 Noj is Trecena Ruler for December 18-January 7 2013

Earth (Noj/Caban) Rules this Trecena The trecena ruler mainly affects emotions and intuition but can also influence events on the material plane. Meaning of Earth as Trecena Ruler Earth’s key meaning is thought and ideas, which are the most effective ways to approach relationships during this trecena. Be practical and don’t base your decisions on […]

The Trecena of 1 Net (K’at/Kan): December 5-17, 2012

Net is an extremely powerful nahual, similar to Knife in having intensely opposite meanings. The net can be used in a positive manner to gather and transport things, but one can also be entrapped and captured by the net (particularly by debt). Net as Trecena Ruler Use this time to collect your thoughts and examine […]