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Interactive Mayan Calendar for March 2015

To find the core meaning of the Mayan day sign for each day in March 2015, visit the site below and click on a date. Interactive Monthly Mayan Calendar March 2015

The New Haab and New Year Bearer of 2015

The haab, or 365-day solar calendar of the Maya, begins anew on March 6, 2015, according to the Gran Wayeb system used by some Maya in Guatemala today. This means that tomorrow, March 1 commences the five-day wayeb, days for contemplation rather than action. The new Year Bearer will be 3 Snake. 2015 is the […]

Mayan Astrological Readings from Guatemala

After four years of studying Mayan astrology in the Guatemalan highlands, and two years doing charts and readings here, I am now doing Mayan astrology via e-mail. My work is based on authentic Mayan astrology as practiced by Mayan day keepers in Guatemala today. In addition to your main Mayan nawal (nahual), you will discover […]

Lesson 2: The 20 Nahuales and the 13 Numbers

According to Mayan cosmovision, a spirit world exists alongside the material world. Twenty spirits called nahuales from that world exert a powerful influence on people and events in this world. Called Lords of the Day, the nahuales determine each day’s energy –- its potential, the sort of things that work best on that date. A […]