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Interactive Mayan Calendar for March 2015

To find the core meaning of the Mayan day sign for each day in March 2015, visit the site below and click on a date. Interactive Monthly Mayan Calendar March 2015

The New Haab and New Year Bearer of 2015

The haab, or 365-day solar calendar of the Maya, begins anew on March 6, 2015, according to the Gran Wayeb system used by some Maya in Guatemala today. This means that tomorrow, March 1 commences the five-day wayeb, days for contemplation rather than action. The new Year Bearer will be 3 Snake. 2015 is the […]

Today is 2 Knife in the Mayan calendar, so it’s a good day to

cut things out of one’s life or discard things that are no longer needed or are getting in the way. I am going to delete all of my FB “friends” who have demonstrated their lack of a sense of humor that is developed enough to get my jokes. (I just say ’em folks; I don’t […]

The Concept of Opposite Nahuales

260 days tomorrow, I first became aware of the concept of opposite nahuales in the Tzolkin. This occurred during my Path of the Plumed Serpent ceremony, which I will observe again on 8 Water. For details on this new and advanced concept in Mayan astrology, see New Paradigm Mayan Astrology.

Mayan compatibility charts for relationships

I have been specializing in this topic for over a year, and just put up a site about finding your most compatible lovers and business partners. It also nails down the basics on the nahuales and Mayan astrology. It is at: Compatibility Readings for Love and Business Relationships Shay Addams Author of The Mayan Calendar […]

Mayan Horoscopes and Astrology

Mayan astrology uses charts called the Tree of Life and the Constellation, not the horoscopes used by Western astrology. So if it’s Mayan Horoscopes you’re looking for, you should look for  Mayan astrology or the tzolkin on your favorite search engine. The term Mayan horoscopes does not even make sense when it comes to practicing […]

Lesson 6: The Constellation

Mayan Astrology: The Constellation An extension of the Mayan five-sign Tree of Life, the Constellation adds nahuales in the four corners of the chart for a total of nine nahuales. (See illustration of the Constellation for Charlie Sheen, below.) The Nahuales in the Corners The Mayan day sign in the upper left corner is the […]

Happy Mayan Birthday, George W. Bush — it’s 13 Snake today!

13 Snake is the Mayan day sign of George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden, both excellent examples of a Snake gone out of control in a struggle for power. The coefficient 13 intensifies the negative meanings of Snake in their case, which also shows how a person’s socioeconomic background, family environment and upbringing can […]

Lesson 5: How to Create and Interpret a Mayan Day Sign and Tree of Life

In this lesson, Piers Morgan will be used as an example. His Mayan main day sign of Adulthood,4 Deer, is the central glyph in the chart. 4 Deer is the energy with which he was incarnated and is his major influence throughout life. It is strongest from the ages of 26-52, when the day signs […]

Lesson 4: Using the Calendar Board to Create a Tree of Life

After a person’s main day sign has been determined, the calendar board is used to find the other four nahuales in his or her five-sign chart, called the Tree of Life or Mayan Cross. The earliest known calendar board was found in the inside cover of The Book of Chilam Balam of Mani, one of […]