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Interactive Mayan Calendar for March 2015

To find the core meaning of the Mayan day sign for each day in March 2015, visit the site below and click on a date. Interactive Monthly Mayan Calendar March 2015

Today is 2 Knife in the Mayan calendar, so it’s a good day to

cut things out of one’s life or discard things that are no longer needed or are getting in the way. I am going to delete all of my FB “friends” who have demonstrated their lack of a sense of humor that is developed enough to get my jokes. (I just say ’em folks; I don’t […]

Lesson 3: Find Your Mayan Day Sign

Send email with your date of birth, and the time if born from sundown to 8-10,  to Find Mayan Day Sign and we will provide your sign and its basic meaning. (One day sign per e-mail address.) To get authentic Mayan day signs for more than one person, see Online Mayan Day Sign Calculator. This […]