The Mayan Cross Astrological Chart

The Mayan Cross, also called the Tree of Life, is the basic Mayan astrological chart.

The Mayan Cross

A five-nahual Mayan astrological chart, the Mayan Cross covers the key factors that influence your entire life and destiny. The central column shows your path through life, with main Mayan day sign, that of Adulthood, in the center. This day sign is in effect throughout your life.

At the top, your nahual of Youth is at the top. This one indicates influences that affect you through the age of 26 or so. At the bottom, your nahual of Future tells what to deal with the energies affecting you from the age of 52 and beyond.

On the left and right sides of your main day sign, other nahuales offer guidance on how best to put into action the concept of your main day sign. The one of the left in the chart is thought of as masculine and deals with logic and action. The one on the left is feminine and relates to intuition and feelings.

This kind of reading can be expanded upon with a nine-nahual chart called the Constellation.

Three Kinds of Mayan Astrology Readings

The basic Mayan astrology reading reveals your day sign, which consists of a number from 1 and 13 and one of the 20 nahuales of the Mayan Sacred Calendar. The nahual itself is the most important aspect of your day sign. If you find that your day sign is Monkey, for example, you will know to focus on creativity and the arts, and that you will profit by being more outgoing than introverted.

This is just the core meaning. A day keeper can reveal much more about you and your destiny simply from you main nahual, which is in effect throughout life. With the number that accompanies your nahual, the day keeper can provide much more practical information on how to apply this knowledge to your daily life.

The Mayan Cross and Constellation

Two other stages of life, those of Youth and Future, are laid bare with either a Mayan Cross or Constellation chart. These are described in individual pages on this site, which you can access from the drop-down menus below the main menu at the top of the page.

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