Composite Mayan Astrology Charts and Readings, Political Astrology

Composite charts, which are mainly used for relationship readings, can be applied to planning events and activities with Mayan astrology. Suppose you want to schedule a party next week, but there are no Monkey days, the nahual associated with parties. A day keeper can combine your day sign with the day sign of each day in that week to see if the composite day sign is Monkey. This is called a double composite, the same kind of Mayan astrology reading used in relationships for love and business. It is also possible to do a triple composite.

Political Astrology and the Maya Sacred Calendar

The Mayan day sign of President Obama is 9 Corn.This technique can be applied to political races by doing a composite chart for each candidate’s day sign and the date of the election. It is also useful to compare their main day signs and Constellations.

With these methods, I successfully predicted the winner of three out of four presidential primaries in the 2012 election, including Newt Gingrich’s Carolina victory, which surprised even him. I also picked Obama to win. A key factor in this prediction was that Obama’s main day sign, 9 Corn, fell just a few days before the date of the election. Most people get a burst of energy around the time of their main day sign, and it was one reason that Obama won. I will be predicting the winners of certain presidential primaries and caucuses in the upcoming election in 2016.


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