Compatibility Readings for Love and Business

Mayan astrology readings for relationships are based on compatibility charts. For a couple, or two people considering marriage, for example, the day keeper first considers their individual day signs to see how their energies would together. One good sign is when both people’s nahuales are of the same cardinal direction (each nahual is associated with the cardinal direction of east, west, north or south).

Next the day keeper compares the Constellations of both people to see if the main day sign of one or both appears in the other person’s Constellation and if so, where.

Composite Charts for Compatibility Readings

The day keeper then employs composite astrology to combine the day signs of the pair into a day sign that represents them as a couple. This shows how other people see them as a couple. The final step is to consider all three of these steps and come up with conclusions as to how they would work out as a couple in the long run.

This kind of reading can be done for potential business partners and other relationships. It is also possible to do such a reading for more than two people. In 2011, I became the first person to discover the Mayan day sign of the four members of the Beatles and also for the combination of John Lennon and Paul McCartney.


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