Mayan Astrology and You

An authentic Mayan astrology reading gives guidance in your relationships and love life, and help you find the most compatible friends, lovers and business partners. You can even find out the best days to look for them and to schedule activities.

Your Mayan Day Sign
By knowing your main Mayan day sign and its cosmic energy, you can find your true path and lead a more balanced life. Knowledge of other people’s day sign can help you get along better with them.

By knowing the day sign of the current date, you can harmonize with its energy and be better balanced and more successful.

mayan glyph hieroglyph kat k'at net lizard day sign

Net (K’at in Ki’che’, Kan in Yucatecan)

The 20 Nahuales and 13 Numbers
Mayan astrology is based on the 20 nahuales of Mayan cosmovision. With names like Sun, Wind, Jaguar and Eagle, they are powerful nahuales who greatly influence the energy and potential of the day. A person born on a Jaguar day would have the traits and energy of this nahual.

Each is combined with the numbers 1-13 to create a Mayan day sign, such as 8 Eagle. These reveal the intensity of the energy and personality traits.

Knowing your Mayan day sign allows you to better harmonize with the energy with which you were born and attain balance and rhythm with your surroundings. Much more practical guidance on other levels of life becomes available.

For details on the meanings of the nahuales, see Mayan Nahuales.

Relationships and Compatibility
The basic way to compare peoples’ day sign is by comparing their cardinal directions (each nahual is associated with one of the four directions). People whose sign is associated with the same cardinal direction make the most natural and successful relationships.

But the most effective way to do compatibility and readings is with a composite chart, which combines two or more Mayan day signs into one day sign that represents them as a unit rather than individuals. The method is taught in Mayan Calendar Users Guide and Mayan Calendar Astrology, both on as ebooks. Composite charts may be done for multiple people, such as the members of a band or any sort of group.

For more information on composite charts, see

Relationship & Composite Charts

Scheduling Activities and Events
The energy of each the 20 nahuales favors certain activities. Eagle, for example, is a good day to conduct business, while Monkey is lucky for love and a great day for a party.

By scheduling your actions in harmony with the nahuales, you can become more successful in every facet of life. You can also learn the best approach to take in your emotional life on each day.

More About Mayan Astrology
These are a few ways to apply Mayan astrology to your daily life. For more, see the posts on this blog. Or these Web sites from Guatemala:
How to Apply Mayan Astrology to your Daily Life”.
Mayan Astrology: Relationship and Love Readings.”

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