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Today is 1 Jaguar (Ix) the first day of the new Trecena

Jaguar days are all about spirituality and inner strength, vital things to focus on today and through the next 12 days. Discover more at Influence of Trecena Ruler (Jaguar).

Comet ISON became a naked eye comet on November 11, 2013

It increased sixteen times in magnitude in 72 hours. Last reported magnitude was 5.2. This occurred on the Mayan day sign 7 Aj/Ben (Corn). Aj means the surging energy of corn or reeds after a heavy rain. The coefficient 7 is at the top of the 13-day trecena, when its power grows stronger through the […]

Free! Read the first chapter of WHEN THE COMETS RUN,

which reveals the pattern of “coincidences” linking several Mayan calendars with the close approach of the new comets of 2013-2014. Punch up this page: Comets, Asteroids and Stuff.

New Year’s Eve Partis and Dinners at Lake Atitlan

San Pedro Parties There’s a New Year’s Eve dinner from 6-9 PM at Cafe la Puerta, with choice of three gourmet entrees for Q65. A few steps down Seventh Avenue from this restaurant, El Barrio’s bash has an open bar (with wrist band) from 9 PM to midnight, with live music and drink specials. In […]

1 Crocodile (Imox/Imix): First Day of the Tzolkin

July 15 2012: Today is 1 Imox, which scholars such as Vincent Malstrom have determined is the true first day of the 260-day tzolkin – the day the Sacred Calendar was first set into motion. Many other Mayan calendars, such as the 1,040-year Ukajlay Katunob’, begin on 1 Crocodile and end on 13 Sun, which […]