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The New Year Bearer, 3 Snake

According to the Gran Wayeb system of certain Guatemalan Maya, the first day of the 365-day haab calendar of the current year was March 6, when 3 Snake became the Year Bearer. Snake ushers in a year of truth, justice and direct action. Look for sudden and unexpected moves on the international scene. Power struggles […]

The New Haab and New Year Bearer of 2015

The haab, or 365-day solar calendar of the Maya, begins anew on March 6, 2015, according to the Gran Wayeb system used by some Maya in Guatemala today. This means that tomorrow, March 1 commences the five-day wayeb, days for contemplation rather than action. The new Year Bearer will be 3 Snake. 2015 is the […]

The interactive Mayan Calendar for February 2015 is

now online. Click on the link below to see the Mayan Calendar’s  nahual and day sign of the day for May 2014. Mayan Calendar Astrology and Nahuales February 2015 Click on any date/glyph to find the meaning of every day in February according to the Tzolkin, the 260-day Sacred Calendar of ancient Mesoamerica that is still […]

1 Kej, or Deer, is the New Trecena Ruler in the Mayan Sacred Calendar

Kej, the new trecena ruler today, means “deer” in Ki’che’ and Kakchikel Maya. Kej also means “four” – and this correspondence underscores the core meaning of the nahual, which is the balance and support represented by the four powerful legs of this creature. That’s why the trecena of Deer is a good time to work […]

Find the Mayan day sign for every day in September 2014 with the interactive #Mayan calendar.

The interactive Mayan calendar for September 2014 is now online. Click on any date to learn the Mayan nahual of the day and its meaning. Find it at Monthly Mayan Calendar.

New #Trecena Ruler Today: 1 Eagle (#Tzikin in Ki’che Maya, Men in Yucatecan).

The #nahual Eagle was original called Bird, one of the first creatures created according to the Popul Vuh. Eventually it became known as Eagle, the most powerful of all birds as well as one with many esoteric meanings. Eagle, a sign of the West, emphasizes working with others. Yet the core meaning of Tzikin is […]

The Concept of Opposite Nahuales

260 days tomorrow, I first became aware of the concept of opposite nahuales in the Tzolkin. This occurred during my Path of the Plumed Serpent ceremony, which I will observe again on 8 Water. For details on this new and advanced concept in Mayan astrology, see New Paradigm Mayan Astrology.

New Paradigm Mayan Astrology

What’s all this talk about “new paradigm Mayan astrology?” Discover the difference between Mayan astrology and new paradigm Mayan astrology on new blog, which introduces new paradigm Mayan astrology and fresh way to apply Mayan astrology to your daily life.

Interactive Mayan Calendar for May 2014

The interactive Mayan Sacred Calendar for May 2014 enables you to find out the ruler of the day, or nahual, and its meaning for every day of the month. You’ll also discover the meaning of the number.   Mayan Calendar Astrology and Nahuales May 2014 Today, for example, is 8 Knife (Tijax in Guatemalan Maya, […]

Mayan compatibility charts for relationships

I have been specializing in this topic for over a year, and just put up a site about finding your most compatible lovers and business partners. It also nails down the basics on the nahuales and Mayan astrology. It is at: Compatibility Readings for Love and Business Relationships Shay Addams Author of The Mayan Calendar […]