About Shay Addams

Shay Addams at Observatory of Tonina Acropolis in Chiapas, Mexico

Shay Addams, author of The Mayan Calendar Users Guide, has studied and practiced Maya astrology full-time  in the Guatemalan highlands since 2009. His blog is about Mayan astrology and how to apply it to your daily life. It will explain the basics of creating and interpreting the standard five-sign chart called the Tree of Life, and the more advanced nine-sign chart, the Constellation, and related topics. Questions and comments are highly encouraged.

Addams’ goal is to keep the blog simple and approachable, and provide links to other sites for more detailed information. Material about archaeological sites and prophecies will remain on Mayan Calendar Users Guide. More esoteric topics will appear on his blog at Maya Calendar Portal.

Everyone from newcomers to experts is invited to participate with comments, fresh information and insights — and help make this blog a meeting point for discussions that will help spread the word about authentic Mayan astrology as practiced in Guatemala and Mexico today. It will gradually introduce the concepts of Mayan astrology with new pages and posts, and your questions and comments are welcome.


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