1 Kej, or Deer, is the New Trecena Ruler in the Mayan Sacred Calendar

Kej, the new trecena ruler today, means “deer” in Ki’che’ and Kakchikel Maya. Kej also means “four” – and this correspondence underscores the core meaning of the nahual, which is the balance and support represented by the four powerful legs of this creature.

That’s why the trecena of Deer is a good time to work on relationships, be they personal or business. Deer is also a sign of the West, which governs adapting and working as a part of a team.

Trecena ruler 1 Kej Manik Deer

Deer, called Manik in Yucatecan Maya, is a strong and aggressive sign that makes today and the next twelve days appropriate for pursuing business deals. But get out of the office, for Deer is a nahual of nature. Schedule that big meeting in an outdoor setting if possible.

To discover the double composite Mayan day signs for each day in this trecena, see New Paradigm Mayan Astrology.

Also see my other stories about trecena rulers, composite Mayan astrology and related topics at Mayan Calendar Users Guide.

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