New #Trecena Ruler Today: 1 Eagle (#Tzikin in Ki’che Maya, Men in Yucatecan).

The #nahual Eagle was original called Bird, one of the first creatures created according to the Popul Vuh. Eventually it became known as Eagle, the most powerful of all birds as well as one with many esoteric meanings.

An eagle altar at the Olmec-Mayan site of Takalik Abaj, Guatemala.

Shay Addams at an eagle altar at Olmec-Maya site of Takalik Abaj, Guatemala.

Eagle, a sign of the West, emphasizes working with others. Yet the core meaning of Tzikin is business and money. Today, with the coefficient 1, is a beneficial time to begin a business or introduce changes to an existing. And also an excellent time to pursue new clients or contracts.

As #trecenaRuler, Tzikin influences the Lord of the Day’s energy for the following 12 days. Monday’s nahual is Knife (Tijax/Etznab), whose core meanings are sacrifice and loss, and healing. Tzikin’s influence could make the best approach to business and money matters one of giving something up or making concessions, of losing out, or of “healing” a dispute between business partners. Other factors, such as your own nahual, are one key to choosing which of a day sign’s various meanings to consider when planning business matters. (But personally, I am doing as little business as possible this Monday.)

Have a great Eagle trecena!



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