The Trecena of Death Begins Tomorrow, February 20, 2014

In reality, the trecena of Death (Kame in Ki’Che’, Cimi in Yucatecan, starts to fade in around sundown today, as the influence of 13 Snake began to fade out.

Death means change or transformation, so if you had been thinking of making changes in your life, these 13 days are a good time to do so. When considering the meaning and influence of each Lord of the Day during this trecena, keep in mind the influence of Death — how can change or transformation be used to bring out the meaning of tomorrow’s nahual, Deer, for example? Deer means balance and support, so one interpretation would be to look for ways to change the balance in your life. Deer also relates to business, indicating the beneficial effects of making changes in this fact of your life.

Each trecena is also a time to honor the nahual that is the trecena ruler and give thanks for what it has done for you in the past. The trecena of Death lasts through March 4, ending on 13 Knife.


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