The Trecena of Corn (Aj/Ben) Starts Today

Through February 19, Corn is the ruler of the 13-day trecena. The trecena ruler influences the meaning of the Lord of the Day for each of these days, so each day’s nahual should be considered in light of the meaning of Corn.

The nahual Corn means the eternal sprouting of life, rising energy, success and harvest. Corn is a sign of authority and leadership. It is also associated with the home and domestic life. One meaning of 13 Sun (Ajpu/Ahau), which is the final day of this trecena, is ruler, so Corn emhasizes this interpretation of the day’s energy. The day before is 12 Storm, one of whose meanings is domestic life, which would be underscored over other meanings during the trecena of Corn.

For more on Corn and the trecenas, visit Mayan Calendar Astrology


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