Comet Encke´s close approach to the Sun on 1 Eagle, the Trecena Ruler

takes place today, on 1 Eagle (Tzi´kin). 1 Eagle became the new Year Bearer on March 6, 2013, and today is its first reoccurence.

Each day sign (number + nahual) occurs 73 times during the Calendar Round of 18,980 days, indicating the completion of a sub-cycle within the 52-year Calendar Round. More Mayan Astrology.

The Trecena of 1 Eagle Tzi´kin/Men)

1 Eagle is also the trecena ruler for today and the next 12 days. It means flying high and taking care of business. When considering the nahual of each day in this trecena, think of how to apply its core meaning to business and money.


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