Comet ISON became a naked eye comet on November 11, 2013

It increased sixteen times in magnitude in 72 hours. Last reported magnitude was 5.2.

This occurred on the Mayan day sign 7 Aj/Ben (Corn). Aj means the surging energy of corn or reeds after a heavy rain. The coefficient 7 is at the top of the 13-day trecena, when its power grows stronger through the next six days.

ISON does not appear to be breaking up and is now expected to survive its close encounter with the Sun on Thanksgiving day, then put on a spectacular show through December and early January.

Comet ISON and the Prophecies of Mundane Astrology

ISON is in Virgo, so all countries ruled by or strongly influenced by Virgo are subject to the omens that ISON brings. These include the USA, UK, Russia, France and South Korea.

For more news about Comet ISON and other NEOs headed this way, see this page. 


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