The Trecena of 1 Wind Starts November 8

The new trecena of 1 Wind begins tomorrow. Wind means to “breath life” into something, such as a relationship, project or creative work. To all activities, apply imagination. A good time for writing, speaking, painting and the like. However, sometimes the wind brings disease or bad news. The nahual ruling each of the next twelve days of this trecena are influenced by Wind, so keep this in mind when interpreting them in regard to your life.

According to most Guatemala Maya, 1 Wind is the Year Bearer until February 20, 2014, so the effects of the trecena of 1 Wind should be even stronger. (However, Yucatecan Maya say the Year Bearer is 2 Wind. Go figure! Apparently, someone lost track of the Haab, the Mesoamerican 365-day calendar, a long time ago.) But the count of the 260-day sacred calendar has remained on track, with all Maya agreeing on the day signs for thousands of years.

To find the day sign of each day in November, see

Monthtly Mayan Calendar.
It’s now interactive: click on a day’s nahual to find the meaning of the nahual and number.


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