The Trecena of Monkey (B’atz/Chuen) begins this Friday

1 Monkey initiates 13 days of celebrating life, love and creativity. Monkey is the party animal of the nahuales, and also represents music, dance, literature and other creative arts. The trecena ruler influences your emotional life, so keep things light and don’t get too serious. Entertain your lover and friends, and they may do the same for you.

Monkey’s Influence as Trecena Ruler

Monkey has been associated with marriage, making this trecena – which runs from August 9-21, a good time to propose or get married. (When planning such a major action, be sure to do a composite chart for the couple and for the couple and the dates being considered for the proposal or wedding.

The spiritual aspects of this nahual bring out the connections between the past, present and future during this trecena. That’s why some Maya in Guatemala call it Thread instead of Monkey.

Like all nahuales, the energy of Monkey begins to fade in after sunset the day before, so buckle your seat belt and get ready for a fun and lively 13 days.


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