The Real Year Bearer of the Mayan Solar Calendar for 2013

Changing Year Bearers

Since the days of Cortez, the Maya as well as Western scholars have known only four Year Bearers, which are the nahuales that ruled the first day of each solar year, or haab. Everyone has been recycle Earth, Wind, Road and Deer, because no one knew how and when to change to the next set of the five sets of Year Bearers.

The Grand Wayeb

Until recently, as the work of Maya scholars in Guatemala is becoming increasingly accepted here. In 2003, the published a
Spanish-language book about the Grand Wayeb, which explained how the Maya adjusted their solar calendar for what we call leap day, doing so once every 52 years.

The New Year Bearers of the Maya Solar Calendar

This also changes the Year Bearers. So the Year Bearer for the rest of 2013 through March 5 of 2014 is really 1 Sun, not 1 Wind, which is what most authorities and Maya elders say.

For more information about the Grand Wayeb and New Year Bearers, see Grand Wayeb and New Year Bearers.



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