1 Noj is Trecena Ruler for December 18-January 7 2013

Earth (Noj/Caban) Rules this Trecena

The trecena ruler mainly affects emotions and intuition but can also influence events on the material plane.

Meaning of Earth as Trecena Ruler

Earth’s key meaning is thought and ideas, which are the most effective ways to approach relationships during this trecena. Be practical and don’t base your decisions on whims or feelings.

Noj can also mean movement or earthquake, which is one of many prophecies about the so-called end of the world making the rounds these days. Funny, that, for this is the final trecena of the current Long Count cycle, which ends this Friday on December 21, 2012. So we leave one world age under the trecena of Earth, and enter the next under Earth.


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