The Trecena of 1 Knife: November 9-21, 2012

When Knife Rules the Trecena

As trecena ruler, 1 Knife Tijax/Etzbab) means either pain and suffering, or healing, or a time to cut things out of your life. Emotionally, focus on the healing aspect of Tijax while preparing for the possibility of loss. This is also a time to reduce things to basics by getting rid of old relationships that cannot be healed.

Knife is a powerful Mayan nahual with extremely opposite concepts, suffering and healling

Knife on the Material Plane

Keep in mind that the trecena ruler may also affect your life on the material plane. Not the best time to travel, as your baggage could get lost by the airline, or you could even get lost hiking in the woods. Again, focus on making things better and keeping your life as simple as possible.


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