1 Snake is the Trecena Ruler from October 27-November 8.

The Trecena of 1 Snake

Snake’s key cosmic meanings are truth and justice. On the emotional level, accept nothing less and give the same. Snake is also a day to strike suddenly and directly, so get to the point when dealing with relationships.

Though the trecena ruler is typically thought to influence only the emotions and feelings, some observers say it can also have an effect on the physical plane as well, so keep that in mind when acting on decisions in the next 13 days.

The two lines represent the fangs of a snake.

Obama’s Mayan Day Sign

1 Snake is also Obama’s main day sign of Youth, which should give him some sort of energy boost tomorrow. Watch the news and see what happens. (Obama’s main Mayan day sign of Adulthood is November 4, two days before the election.)

For more on Snake and Mayan astrology and horoscope readings, see Mayan Nahual Horoscopes.


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