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1 Snake is the Trecena Ruler from October 27-November 8.

The Trecena of 1 Snake Snake’s key cosmic meanings are truth and justice. On the emotional level, accept nothing less and give the same. Snake is also a day to strike suddenly and directly, so get to the point when dealing with relationships. Though the trecena ruler is typically thought to influence only the emotions […]

More Mayan Websites

Mayan Majix Founded by the late Ian Lungold, Mayan Majix is a veteran site with a variety of info on Mayan astrology, the calendars, prophecies and ruins. Hundreds of articles and photos. New Paradigm Mayan Astrology Mayan astrology for the New Aeon and the 5D construct. Based on authentic Mayan astrology as practiced today in the Guatemalan highlands, […]

New Site for Mayan Horoscopes and Readings

I just put up a site with a basic intro to Mayan horoscopes, the meaning of the nahuales, and how to get your own Mayan astrology reading — direct from the Guatemala highlands. It is at Mayan Nahual Horoscopes.

Mayan Horoscopes and Astrology

Mayan astrology uses charts called the Tree of Life and the Constellation, not the horoscopes used by Western astrology. So if it’s Mayan Horoscopes you’re looking for, you should look for  Mayan astrology or the tzolkin on your favorite search engine. The term Mayan horoscopes does not even make sense when it comes to practicing […]

Happy Birthday, John F. Kennedy!

Wherever you are on 4 Eagle (Tzi’kin/Men). Like the Eagle he was, JFK flew high and aggressively pursued his goals. And like an Eagle that flies too high, he got shot down on November 22. Clearly, November is not a good month for people named Kennedy.

Road (E’/Eb) is Trecena Ruler from October 14-October 26

The trecena of Road can be a time of staying on the go in your emotional life, not getting bogged down and staying at home. Road also opens doors that leads to new paths. This means it’s a good time to look for new friends, lovers and partners, or at least to be ready for […]

Trecena Ruler September 30-October 12 is 1 Storm (Kawoq/Cauac)

The trecena of Storm can bring either trouble or the nourishment that is provided by a strong woman in your life. You may even be that woman. Storm’s influence on emotions and relationships can therefore indicate that you should be alert for potential problems and prepare for them. It may also call for nourishing your […]