Lesson 6: The Constellation

Mayan Astrology: The Constellation

An extension of the Mayan five-sign Tree of Life, the Constellation adds nahuales in the four corners of the chart for a total of nine nahuales. (See illustration of the Constellation for Charlie Sheen, below.)

The Nahuales in the Corners

The Mayan day sign in the upper left corner is the Action nahual of Youth (through age 26. It fulfills the same role as that of the Action nahual of Adulthood as explained in Lesson 5. Similarly, the Feeling day sign for Youth, in the upper right corner, is interpreted in the same way as its counterpart of Adulthood. The same holds true for the Action and Feeling nahuales of Future (approaching or past 52), which are in the lower left and lower right corners respectively.

In this way, more guidance can be obtained for people still in the Youth phase of life and for those approaching on that of Future. It is important to do a Constellation for these people in order to understand the changes about to occur or that have already taken place.

Charlie Sheen: A Dog Gone Bad

Before looking at Sheen’s Youth and Future nahuales, I must point out that I used his chart to test Mayan astrology. It seemed to me that if it really works, then Sheen, based on his actions at the time, must have some Dog in his chart. That’s because Dog natives gone bad are the most sexually depraved and most likely of the nahuales to go overboard on drugs and drinking (though Rabbit also suffers from alcoholism). His main sign, Net/Lizard, is also intensely sexual.

Constellation for Charlies Sheen

As seen in Sheen’s Constellation, his Action sign of Youth is Dog, and so is his Feeling sign of Adulthood. Not only that, but his Feeling nahual of Adulthood, in effect all his life, is 11 Dog, and the number 11 can bring life challenges and problems: in his case hookers and cocaine. So I now use Sheen’s chart in my workshops and lectures as further proof of the validity of Mayan astrology.

Finding the Action and Feeling Nahuales of Youth and Future

I first learned of the Constellation in Contemporary Maya Spirituality while studying in Guatemala, but the author did not tell how to determine the nahuales in the corners. It took a few minutes of reflection on the Tree of Life to figure it out. You should be able to do the same.

Charlie Sheen’s Future Mayan Day Signs

Charlie Sheen, for example, will begin feeling the influence of his Future day sign, 13 Road, in five years. A basic interpretation is that Sheen will be less influenced by the highly sexual and fiery sign of Net, also known as Lizard, and begin to feel the effects of 13 Road, a powerful combination of the highest coefficient and the nahual of destiny.

13 can bring either good or bad in terms of Sheen’s destiny: if good, his acting career will reach new heights. But if he reverts to drugs, booze and hookers, then he will travel a bumpy road past 52. Either way, he faces major life changes soon.

Influences of Sheen’s Nahuales of Future

7 Death as his Action sign for Future says he can benefit from patience and the wisdom of the ancients, perhaps indicating his father. Death also indicates great wealth, so he could attain an even greater fortune.

Influences of the Feeling Nahual of Future

6 Knife on his Feeling side can bring suffering or healing. Again, this depends on whether or not he makes permanent changes in his lifestyle. It may also indicate cutting someone out of his life, or keeping things basic on the emotional level.

What happens past the age of 65 (52 plus 13), or beyond 78 (65 plus 13)?

No one knows. As Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. used to say, “Someone should look into that.” Fortunately, someone is: Mark Elmy and I are exploring this issue from different angles here on the shores of Lake Atitlan in the Guatemala highlands.


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