Why Did Obama Get a Bounce after his Speech and Romney Did Not? Ask the Mayan Sacred Calendar.

Romney’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention took place on the Mayan day sign of 8 Deer (Kej/Manik). Deer is a powerful nahual associated with balance, authority and masculinity. The Maya say, “The deer stamps its foot as a sign of authority.” These are all positive signs for the effects of Romney’s speech on his campaign. (8 Deer is also a major Mayan ceremonial date. See the Mayan Ceremony category for details.)


The Day Sign Also Rises

But Romney made his speech after sunset. This means the energy of the next day’s nahual, 9 Seed (Q’anil/Lamat) was increasing while that of Deer was weakening. What does this mean for the effect of his speech on the campaign?


Seed’s key meaning is to “plant a seed,” whether of a literal plant or flower, an idea, or even impregnation. It is also a strong masculine sign. So the RNC picked a good day for his speech. But Romney did not get a bounce in the polls.


Why not? The composite chart, a little-known Mayan astrological technique, sheds light on this question. Its typical use is to create relationship charts for friends, lovers and business partner. But it has more esoteric applications, such as combining a person’s nahual with that of a specific date.


Composite Chart for Romney’s Nahual and the Big Speech

Romney’s Mayan day sign, 2 Jaguar, combines with 9 Seed to make 11 Wind (Iq/Ik). Wind’s positive meanings are breathing life into things and creativity.


But the negative nature of the coefficient 11, which can bring life challenges and even chaos, summons forth the problematic meanings of Wind, which are bad news and trouble.

Ultimately, the composite chart (which blends the energy of Romney’s Mayan day sign with that of the day he made his big speech at the convention) contributed to his failure to get a boost in the polls in the days after the Republican convention.

Though 9 Seed is a positive influence on Romney’s campaign and its outcome, 11 Wind is a bad sign for the Republicans come November 6, 2012.

Obama’s Mayan Day Sign and his Acceptance Speech

I provide a similar interpretation for the Mayan day sign of Obama’s acceptance speech Political Astrology category on my site at: Obama’s acceptance speech.

Compare it with Romney’s and draw your own conclusions.


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