Today, August 30, is a Major Mayan Ceremonial Day: 8 Deer (Kej’/Manik)

Celebrated throughout Guatemala, 8 Deer is one of the four major ceremonial days of the Ki’che’ Maya in Momostenango. Thousands of Maya gather here for 8 Deer

It is the day of the Aj Q’ij, spiritual guide or day keeper. On 8 Deer, the Maya priests tell the names of his or her potential students and asks permission for them to become day keepers. (This can also be done on 1 Deer.) They are initiated on the following 8 Monkey (B’atz/Chuen), though in Momos the nahual Monkey  means Thread, as in the thread of life or path of destiny.

Mayan Ceremonial Days: 8 Kej Manik Deer

Deer, with four powerful legs, symbolizes the four cardinal directions, support and balance. A masculine sign, it is associated with money and business. But due to the ceremonial nature of 8 Deer, it is better to conduct business, especially when starting something new, on the next day, 9 Seed.

Colors to use in a ceremony for Kej’ are black or dark blue. For information on how to perform a personal Mayan ceremony, see Mayan Ceremonies.

The next 8 Deer is on May 17, 2013.


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