The Trecena of Sun (Ajpu in Ki’che’, Ahau in Yucatecan)

The current trecena of Sun lasts from August 23-September 4. The trecena ruler affects emotions, relationships and intuition.

Sun (Ajpu/Ahau )

Mythological Meaning of Sun

Mythologically, 1 Sun symbolizes Hunajpu, the Hero Twin who was resurrected as the sun after he was killed in Xibalba. Historically and culturally, Ahau was the title of Mayan kings in the Yucatan, and is the name of the primary  Mayan god.

Cosmic Meaning of Sun

Sun means the actual sun, day, illumination and flower. The trecena of 1 Sun is a time of illumination in your relationships, when the best course of action is to bring things out into the open and avoid suppressing your feelings. Nurturing relationships and business partnerships is also emphasized.

But Sun can also mean ruler or warrior, so pay heed to the potential for conflict. Sure, you want to up front about your feelings. Be subtle and don’t go in with a chip on your shoulder.

Sun’s influence builds gradually as the coefficients get higher. The best balanced of them are 4 Night and 8 Deer, while one should be wary on 11 Dog and 12 Monkey. 13 Road can bring good or bad, according to the Ki’che’of Momostenango, Guatemala.


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