Lesson 5: How to Create and Interpret a Mayan Day Sign and Tree of Life

In this lesson, Piers Morgan will be used as an example. His Mayan main day sign of Adulthood,4 Deer, is the central glyph in the chart.

Piers Morgan’s Mayan Day Sign and Tree of Life

4 Deer is the energy with which he was incarnated and is his major influence throughout life. It is strongest from the ages of 26-52, when the day signs of Youth and Future have little or no effect.

Energy. We hear that word slung around a lot. In this case, energy means the ability to do something. A battery has electrical energy and can make a laptop computer work. A person has the ability to do certain things better than others.

The Energy of 4 Deer
This deer is no Bambi! A powerful nahual, it is a sign of masculinity and authority. The energy of Deer is expressed with the key concepts of balance and support.
The four strong legs of the Deer symbolize these concepts, which indicate working with others as the leader of a team.

The coefficient 4 also means support, which intensifies the influence of Morgan’s main day sign. Coefficients go from 1-13. Higher numbers often indicate a more extroverted personality.

Morgan’s career as host of a TV program shows that he is living in harmony with his main  day sign of 4 Deer. He may be the host, but he is leading a team of co-workers that help produce it. With his interviews, he provides support to the celebrities’ new film, book or whatever project they are promoting. And he does so is a balanced fashion, never leaning too hard on a guest but insisting on asking the tough questions.

The Action Nahual of Adulthood
On the left side of the chart, 11 Crocodile is his Action nahual. The left side is on the masculine side of the chart. For some Maya, it represents materialism.
It reveals the most effective approach for Morgan to use in achieving success in his actions as 4 Deer.

Like many nahuales, Crocodile has several conflicting meanings, and it is the task of the Mayan astrologer to decide which one is more important. Crocodile’s key meanings are instability, nurturing and creativity. It is a highly emotional sign; instability in this case could refer to emotional instability.

Again, Morgan is already in harmony with the concept of nurturing, which he often does with his guests’ careers. What he must avoid is instability resulting from emotions. He has done quite well at this in most interviews. But the coefficient of 11 can bring life challenges and tests, which could lead to instability. A more balanced coefficient, especially 8, would suggest the opposite, that an emotional rather than purely logical approach to actions would be more effective.

Nahual of Feelings
12 Corn, on the feminine side of the chart, is his Feeling nahual, which tells how to best deal with a person’s emotions and relationships. A sign of surging energy, success and  authority, Corn says that while Morgan’s key influence is one of teamwork, he should have the upper hand in relationship, which also means bearing most of the responsibility for it. He cannot wait for the other person to act, but should be the one who gets things going. The high coefficient of 12 underscores this, though numbers 10-13 often indicate such strong emotions that a person can lose control.

The Trecena Ruler
1 Net is Morgan’s trecena ruler, which influences his emotions and relationships. Net’s key concept is to collect and gather things, friends and ideas. He has likely made more than a few friends among the guests on his show. In terms of relationships, he is inclined to have a series of lovers over his life, rather than sticking with one partner.

Piers Morgan’s Mayan Tree of Life: A Basic Interpretation
The three signs in the middle form the limbs of the tree and influence Morgan throughout his entire life. Deer is a sign of the West, which means working with others and adapting, so he clearly is on the path.

To stay on his path and achieve even greater success, he should be aware of the potential problems indicated by 11 Crocodile and tread lightly in his actions. But emotionally he will be better off by doing the opposite and taking charge of relationships, keeping in mind the potential for losing control that is associated with the coefficient 12.

Deer is a nahual of the West, so Morgan’s most natural relationships will be with others of the West: Night, Deer, Monkey, Eagle and Storm. Men who are Crocodile may play an important role in his life, as it is on the masculine side. Women who are Corn, his Feeling nahual, could do the same.

Astrological Traits
Deer people are excellent communicators who are convincing and inspire confidence. Tenacious and independent, they accomplish their goals. (Other Deer natives who demonstrate a way with words are Stephen King (13) and Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (7).

On the dark side, Deer can be demanding, overbearing or selfish. They may meddle in other people’s affairs experience bursts of anger.

Day Signs of Youth and Future
9 Storm, at the top, is Morgan’s nahual of Youth, and 12 Eagle is his Future nahual. I will explain and interpret these in the next lesson of this tutorial.

More Information on Deer and Mayan Astrology
This lesson provides the basics of how to create and interpret a Tree of Life. For more details, see my book, The Mayan Calendar Users Guide: How to Apply Mayan Astrology to Your Daily Life.


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