Lesson 3: Find Your Mayan Day Sign

Send email with your date of birth, and the time if born from sundown to 8-10,  to Find Mayan Day Sign and we will provide your sign and its basic meaning. (One day sign per e-mail address.)

To get authentic Mayan day signs for more than one person, see Online Mayan Day Sign Calculator. This provides the nahual names in Yucatecan. For their English and Ki’che’ names, see Names of Nahuales.

Free software for finding Mayan day signs (Windows systems) can be downloaded at Download Free Mayan Software.

If planning to work extensively in this field, , see the book How to Practice Mayan Astrology, by Scofield and Orr, has tables of all signs from 1920-2020. However, the astrogical system in this book is an invented method that is not authentic Mayan astrology.

Important Note:

If a person is born between sunset and midnight, when the influence of the next day’s nahual begins to fade in, his or her nahual may be that of the following day. For example, a person born at 10 PM on 1 Crocodile is more likely to have 2 Wind for their nahual rather than 1 Crocodile.

This is most common for those born between 9 PM and midnight, but can be true for people born from sunset on. These situations are tricky. If a person’s nahual does not seem to fit, try using the next day’s nahual.



  1. I was born dec 10 1988 6pm Minnesota in between Aqabal and kan I relate to both can’t tell really what implications does this have for the tree of life and the night lord?

    1. You are Akabal. Kan (Net or Lizard) does not begin to fade in until sunset, and 6 PM means it would have a minimal effect if any.

  2. in Minnesota sunset was an hour and a half before i was born btw

  3. which is the same as guatemala (cst) for december

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