The Trecena of Seed (Q’anil/Lamat): July 2-14

Our current trecena, Seed, lasts from July 2 through the14th. The trecena ruler affects emotions, relationships and intuition. This is because the trecena is based on a sub-cycle of the lunar cycle: after the new moon, 13 days pass from the appearance of the moon to the full moon.

Seed, also called Rabbit (Q’anil/Lamat)

The trecena of 1 Seed, also called Rabbit, is a wonderful time to plant seeds – not just flowers and the like, but new relationships. (Note the four seeds in the glyph.) The 1 means unity and beginnings. This says that the trecena of Seed is a good time to start any new project, plant ideas and so on

Our next trecena, 1 Crocodile (Imox/Imix) starts on July 15. This happens to be the first day in the next round of the 260-day Sacred Calendar. I’ll have more on this topic next week.


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